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Auxly Help

Developing training courses and certification programs in just 90 Days!

In just 90-days together, we develop your course or certification program and create the legacy of your dreams.

To champion service providers, Auxly provides the platform to leave a legacy, make a greater impact, and generate enough passive income to support their ideal work-life balance.

That’s because only Auxly brings tailor-made strategies for courses and certification programs.

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Chason Forehand

Founder of hr-4uinc Nonprofit

"As a Neurodivergent person, I love what Dawnell Kelly is doing with Auxly Help! Dawnell Kelly has been a strong force in helping both of my organizations, HR Consultations and hr-4uinc.!


She has allowed me to see the path I need to be on to get to the goals I have set. It has been critical to have her advice, coaching, and support. I highly recommend reaching out to see how her 90 Day Program can help you level up.


It's time to think differently!

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30-minute consult!

Our Method

Elite Strategies for Leaving Your Legacy

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30-minute consult!


Book your free
30-minute consult!



Pronunciation: / au̯kˈ / aux-il-i-um

Etymology: From augeō (“spread, honor, promote”)


  1. Help, aid

  2. (Medicine) antidote, remedy


Emily Countryman

Founder & CEO of ShiftSetGo

"Working with Dawnell has been an absolute pleasure. It is so refreshing to hand over a project and know it will be taken care of 100% without dropping the ball. She is excellent at managing the project from start to finish and implementing everything. I love that she always has a few questions for the project we hadn’t thought of yet, letting us know she is thinking of all aspects of the project to make it successful." 


"All projects are started to add value to a business."


Book your free
30-minute consult!

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Integrity - Authenticity - Empathy - Resiliency - Communication - Self-care

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