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Our Mission

Connecting with our community

Auxly is committed to creating a foundation connecting therapists with underprivileged children in foster care. We believe that with the right tools and coping skills, these children can learn to overcome their adversity and create a positive impact far greater than this world has ever seen.


Our Story

Mental health is at the forefront of everything we do, and we understand that these children deserve the chance to truly experience all the opportunities that a healthy mind can provide.


As our company grows, creates partnerships, and starts accepting donations, we will continue to update this page to include showing resources for children in your area.


Fostering the future of our children is the greatest vision we can imagine. We appreciate any and all information you may provide to support us in our mission. Please email to show your support.

Integrity - Authenticity - Empathy - Resiliency - Communication - Self-care

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