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We're pulling back the curtain to show you an exclusive behind-the-scenes of Auxly's project history.

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Course Content & Accreditation

This was a fantastic project! We built a company-wide online certification course from the ground up. We then took the extra step to get it accredited, providing CEUs and exceptional expertise.

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Manuals & Guides

Structure and organization are what we live for. Writing and designing SOPs for your company is a breeze here at Auxly. We created 4 company manuals spanning 3 departments and 1 for wholesale companies nationwide.

Shopify & Ecommerce_edited.jpg

Shopify & Ecommerce

Attention to detail was the heart and soul of this project. Between scaling product photos, verifying allergens across 3880 ingredients, and writing product descriptions, there was never a dull moment!



WordPress galore! We supported a complete website overhaul from one platform to WordPress. This included a 50-webpage rebranding in the midst of this spectacular client evolution!

"Sound advice to make sure we devote our time and energy to what matters most. Thanks Dawnell."
What makes us different?

Online business managers handle your ongoing operations.


Virtual assistants provide ongoing support to you directly.


Auxly help creates crystal clear action plans – so you can delegate the ongoing operations of your new dream life with confidence.


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Elsie Wangari

Virtual Assistant

"Dawnell is awesome. She helped me navigate Click up and organize my documents and workflows, saving me a lot of time! If you’re looking for help with project management, she’s your go-to person.”

We’ve worked with a range of industries including:
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  • Health & Wellness

  • Weight Loss

  • Pet Retail

  • Keynote Speakers

  • Authors

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  • Corporate Leadership Training

  • Brand Designers

  • Website Developers

  • Graphic Designers

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  • Marketing Agencies

  • ASL Interpreters

  • Attorneys

  • and more! 

Now it's your time to shine!

Take your goals off the shelf. The goals you really want to accomplish, but you're frustrated with the lack of progress you're making. 


It's time to pivot from overwhelmed to accomplished as we reach your BIG BUSINESS GOALS.

You have the goal, we break it down, and together we make it happen!

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