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Thank you for coming over from the Focus on What Matters Summit!


How much is your wasted time and effort costing you?

How much money have you spent only to end up where you started - with a lack of clear guidance?

Are you missing out on reaching your potential because you’re overwhelmed?

How many times have you sat down to plan your dream only to end up frustrated?

A lack of clarity may be costing you a great deal.

Take back control of your dreams with a solid plan.

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Together we will transform your overwhelming BIG BUSINESS GOALS into easy action steps so you can make money living your best life. 

Are you ready to...


  • Take back your freedom, passion and purpose

  • Free up your time and energy

  • Reclaim your independence that comes with making money and living your best life


Are you tired of...

  • Pushing your goals week after week

  • Wasting money, time and effort

  • Sacrificing your mental health

Then the Planning With A Purpose webinar is for you!

Here's your opportunity to take the next step in reaching your BIG BUSINESS GOALS:

  • Live webinar hosted by Dawnell Kelly creating a realistic action plan you can delegate using the proven Planning With A Purpose Framework.

  • Practical tools to increase productivity and maximize your mental energy levels - getting more done with less stress and time.

  • Exclusive training on the 1-2-3 method taught in STEM classes and published in ForbesWomen.

  • Access to the Planning with a Purpose workbook that you can reuse for all your Big Business Goals.

If you want to discover how this simple framework can help you in your business, then sign up below to get your workbook and ticket! 

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What People Are Saying

"Dawnell is changing the world! Thrilled to have her as a Partner and mentor."
- Chason Forehand, Founder of the nonprofit hr-4uinc. 
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