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Efficiently provided monthly packages

& personalized hours

We'll give you a customized quote based on your specific needs


All packages include a detailed audit of your most prized project. This information is used to create your personalized efficiency strategy including timelines, budgets, progress checks, and ideal vision.


Marisa Gonzales Grogan

Visual Brand Strategist & Designer

"Dawnell’s positive energy is infectious, and her can-do attitude is amazing! I feel her organizational skills are outstanding and so helpful to streamline my ClickUp tasks/folders in my business to prevent overwhelm in my various design projects. Knowing that Dawnell’s true desire to help me in my business creates such a sense of relief and calm that I need to be at my best for my clients. I would highly recommend her services and I look forward to working with her again in the future."


Superior Support

Let's make a plan to get you unstuck asap. Time to get out of the weeds and back at the helm of your business. We'll strategize with you and your team to set up your desired project results. This planning package will work with you every step of the way. Let's get started!

Upgraded Guidance

Time to go back to being a visionary CEO! No more management roles holding you back. Let us handle the tedious tasks and half-finished projects that you'll get to "later". We work with your team to polish and deliver your desired results. Let's do this!


Start to Finish

Let's free up your time and save you money! Leave the stress, overwhelm, and disorganization behind. Think of us as the event coordinator for your business. The end result? The most grandiose event of the century. This full-service package will pave the way for increased growth, revenue, and time. Book your invite today!

Let's Work Together

Book now and relax

We'll give you a customized quote based on your specific needs

Integrity - Authenticity - Empathy - Resiliency - Communication - Self-care

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