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Our purpose is to save you time and energy. In this 90-day sprint, we use everything in our arsenal to ensure your satisfaction and success. When you win, we win because at the end of the day – your business is our business.

Elite strategies for leaving your legacy.

Auxly Help

Elite strategies for leaving your legacy

As the one of the elite, you are the leading force in your industry. You see the potential - the greater impact you can have by serving more people in less time.

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Dustin Dale

Motivational Speaker & Author

"Working with Dawnell has been amazing, and it is very rare to find someone who works with just professionalism. She listened to exactly what I needed and gave great recommendations on how to make the process efficient. She follows up quickly, and is always ready to take on more. I can't recommend her enough."


Diversity is Key

We understand multiple specialties and work well with everyone involved. Diversity, equity, and inclusion guide our actions because when everyone works together, work flows better.


We handle the non-routine, unplanned problems that inevitably arise as you create your course, program, or workshop. We work together because a key part of our service embraces shared collaboration.

By joining the Auxly community, you are stepping into a world of support that encompasses more than plan execution. You will be part of a healthy, collaborative environment that fosters people above pay, as we integrate our values and vision into everything we do.


Elsie Wangari

Virtual Assistant

"Dawnell is awesome. She helped me navigate Click up and organize my documents and workflows, saving me a lot of time! If you’re looking for help with project management, she’s your go-to person.”


Together we can achieve more

As part of our community, you're also supporting the next generation of female business leaders, as we provide paid internship opportunities to those who show the drive, dedication, and leadership skills to tip the balance between male-to-female owned businesses.

Let's Work Together

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Integrity - Authenticity - Empathy - Resiliency - Communication - Self-care

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