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Book by April 1st to launch your course or program this summer! 

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30-minute consult!


You’re an Elite Service Provider in your industry.

You're making real change and you're ready to guide more people in less time.

Book your free
30-minute consult!

Whether you’re an elite advisor, healer, business owner, or educator... you're an industry expert and a passionate powerhouse in your field.
You're ready to make a greater impact, but your time is limited.

A course is the next step.
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Chason Forehand

Founder of hr-4uinc Nonprofit

"As a Neurodivergent person, I love what Dawnell Kelly is doing with Auxly Help! Dawnell Kelly has been a strong force in helping both of my organizations, HR Consultations and hr-4uinc.!


She has allowed me to see the path I need to be on to get to the goals I have set. It has been critical to have her advice, coaching, and support. I highly recommend reaching out to see how her 90 Day Program can help you level up.


It's time to think differently!

Welcome to Auxly Help

Developing courses and certification programs in just 90 Days!

In just 90-days together, we develop your course or certification program and create the legacy of your dreams.

Book your free
30-minute consult!

This 90 Day Program is for your training courses, certification programs, and course accreditation.

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Dustin Dale

Motivational Speaker & Author

"Working with Dawnell has been amazing, and it is very rare to find someone who works with just professionalism. She listened to exactly what I needed and gave great recommendations on how to make the process efficient. She follows up quickly, and is always ready to take on more. I can't recommend her enough."

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Together we will establish a realistic action plan to reach your goals – whether you're focused on empowering or team training, we have a strategy for you!

Are you ready to...

  • Pass down critical knowledge

  • Generate passive income

  • Smooth out your training process 

  • Make a greater impact

Are you tired of...

  • Pushing your goals to next week

  • Sacrificing your mental health

  • The hamster wheel of motivation

Book your free
30-minute consult!

Check out Michael's experience!

Michael Emery

Founder Unique Soapstone Experiences

In this 90-day sprint, we meet consistently to ensure your satisfaction and success.

In the first 30 days alone, you’ll see a dramatic difference as we create a realistic action plan for your goal.

Book your free
30-minute consult!

Our Method

From ideation to results in just 4 structured steps -  

It’s time to pivot into your full potential.

Starting at $5,100

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What People Are Saying

"Dawnell is changing the world! Thrilled to have her as a Partner and mentor."
- Chason Forehand, Founder of the nonprofit hr-4uinc. 

Book your free
30-minute consult!


Brain Dump - 2 weeks

Time for a fresh start, so give us everything you’ve got! Anything and everything that may appear overwhelming and tangled. It’s time to dive deep into the inner workings of your business as this research is essential to empowering your vision.


We want you to hold nothing back as you lay bare all your ideas, progress, short and long-term goals, as well as the ultimate value you’ll receive once we achieve your vision.



Action Plan - 2 weeks

We’ll gather all the information you provided and formulate a customized plan to be presented for your input and approval.


This action plan will include daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals to ensure success. Combining your clarifications with our expertise will ensure a stunning finale fit for making your vision a reality.

heels 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Take Action - 6 weeks

This method of implementation is heavily influenced by the agile project management practices – meaning you have a say every step of the way. There are no rigid rules to bottle neck progress as we accomplish your goal together. We continue to collaborate with you with regular one-on-ones to track progress.


We work with your team – on their terms. This means there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We use an empathetic approach to empower you and your team to work more efficiently long after we’ve made your vision a reality.



Next Steps - 2 weeks

You had the goal, we broke it down, and together we made it happen! Now that our collaboration has paid off, we need to set you up for success. These next 2 weeks we will plan next steps for your successful launch!


Let's Work Together

Book now and relax

Let's set up a time to discuss your goals and how to reach them.

Integrity - Authenticity - Empathy - Resiliency - Communication - Self-care

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